The term ‘smart home’ usually brings immediate thoughts of a home’s interior…but what about the exterior?


Whether it’s bug-proofing a patio with motorized screens, choosing the right playlist for a pool party, or illuminating the landscape with color-changing lights, there are always ways to enhance an outdoor space for summer and put the “great” back in “the great outdoors.  The best part is, complete control is available with a simple tap on a mobile device, touch panel, or voice command, all at a moment's notice.

Read on to discover 5 smart home additions that can help extend luxury from not only interior, but to an outdoor space.

1. Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting isn’t a splurge but can surely feel that way.  Whether to boost convenience, security, or to light up a party, there are a growing number of ways to bring smart lighting to a home's exterior.  

Lighting schedules can be set to dim or brighten lights and can even turn them on and off from anywhere in the world.  All outdoor lighting options can be integrated with most, if not all, smart home devices. The best part is, regardless of the types and preferences, outdoor lighting is easy to upgrade.

2. Smart Shades

Using a crank gear to open and close outdoor shades is a traditional mechanism that requires substantial time and physical effort, thus allotting for less opportunity to enjoy an outdoor space. Smart shades, or “motorized shades,” that extend, retract, or tilt automatically are undeniably lavish, but also serve as energy savers and heighten home security at the same time.  Smart shades are effortlessly compatible with smart home control platforms, including the most popular being Crestron and Control4. Shade control is stress-free by having remote access via smart phone, tablet, or even by voice.  Smart shades provide the ultimate home enhancement in luxury and convenience, getting total control from anywhere.

3. Speakers

Enjoying music outside often means dealing with unruly wires that may produce scratchy noises or an overall headache.  However, having outdoor audio yields all the sound quality without any of the hassles.Regardless of if the ideal evening is rock & roll with thumping bass, a quiet afternoon reading in the sunlight, or soft ballads drifting through the air, outdoor speakers are all designed to deliver beautiful listening experiences and aesthetics into any landscape.  On the other hand, they can also be hidden for that sleek, enigmatic outdoor experience. Whether distributed audio sounds best or options to fill an entire patio with sound, there are plenty of luxury choices to choose from.

4. Outdoor Displays

Summer means hosting fun outdoor family movie nights, get-togethers with friends and cheering on the big games, and there is no better way to have fun some summer fun other than from the patio and poolside. With outdoor displays, the fun can be extended outdoors to bring everyone’s favorite entertainment to the patio, deck, or any shaded outdoor space.  No more worries about moving tv’s or screens outside when they are already in place and ready to use. With outdoor display options, the worries of rust, corrosion, rain, or pesky insects are eliminated. The internal heating and cooling system regulates running temperature, so that displays can be enjoyed in even extreme high and low temperatures.

5. Pool Control

It might seem like a far-off fantasy to have a pool automated, but pool automation could easily be a natural extension of a smart home. Whether using a pool for parties or unwinding after a long day, an automated pool that is prepared for entry, human centric lighting turned on, temperature-controlled water, and automatic filtration sounds like the most desirable pool of all. Automated cleaning, pool cover retraction, pool chemical levels, lights, sound, are some of the most popular pool controls to date.  Pool automation is a straightforward way to master energy efficiency and enjoy the pool without all the hard work.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or an evening soiree, there are plenty of smart controls for the outdoors that will make any outdoor experience all the more fun.  With just a few simple actions, NOVA Smart can have any patio feeling like an outdoor oasis. If you're looking to add some convenience and functionality to your next outdoor gathering, NOVA can create an outdoor space that's perfect for any occasion.  With a smart outdoor oasis, the sky's the limit.