Smart home technology is progressing faster than ever before.  Everyday products are creating new ways to smarten up your home in simple ways that will have long-lasting impressions on any customer.  New devices have popped up that make it easier to control lights, entertainment, climate, security and more.  Also on the rise has been the popularity of home automation systems, which bring all of these devices together under one roof for easier management and greater reliability.  


While smart home technology seems to be the way of the future by making homes more efficient, beautiful, and safe, many people are still hesitant when it comes to embracing new technology. Read on to find out how some common myths are keeping people from enjoying the benefits of smart home automation.

1. Home Automation is Too Expensive.  

This is commonly heard among individuals that may be foreign to the smart home market.  While this myth might discourage customers from investing—or even investigating—in smart home tech, those that do are able to understand that smart home offerings can range in price depending on budget, what is needed and what is desired.

2. Smart Home Automation is for Bigger Homes.

Smart home technology is for every home, regardless of its location, size and shape.  Home automation devices with retrofit designs can be installed in any home to improve day-to-day living and provide better comfort, even in smaller homes.  

3. You Need to Be Extremely Tech-Savvy to Use Smart Devices.  

Some customers stray away from embracing smart technology into the home due to the fear that it will all be too complicated.  Most customers are blind to the fact that most smart home devices are wireless and exemplify plug-and-play simplicity.  For these devices, there are apps that can be downloaded directly to a smartphone for ease of use.  

4. You Need to Automate Everything in the First Place.

The beauty about home automation is that anyone can grow into home technology as budget and timelines allow.  Customers can integrate these services based on priority and gradually enhance their home to fit their needs.  

5. Smart Homes are Only for New Properties.

Although many new homes are being built with smart home features at the forefront, creating a smart home is not restricted to new or newer properties.  In actuality, it’s quite the reverse; smart home technology can be readily retrofitted to pretty much any home where there is an internet connection using existing wiring. 

6. Smart Homes Have the Same “Look.”  

The media might be to blame for this one.  In reality, automation systems are designed to blend into an existing homes décor and design.  Smart home technologies are easily installed to either be out in plain sight, or hidden away properly, depending on what the customer prefers. 

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